Milk Moustaches For A Cause

By December 13, 2016Events
Gong Cha Movember

This November, Gong Cha was pleased to announce they were sponsoring and supporting the Movember movement. The Movember foundation raises awareness and money about health issues faces males today to prevent premature deaths. From physical illnesses such as prostate & testicular cancer to mental health issues such as depression & suicide, Movemeber is breaking down barrier and encouraging people to break the silence.

Since beginning back in 2003, Movember has turned into a global phenomenon. In 13 years, the foundation has supported over 1,200 men’s health projects. While raising money is importing to fighting against these illnesses, a big thing Movemeber tackles is the stigma and silence surrounding men’s health. Sporting a stache and raising money through physical activities has proven to be a great way to garner support and break the stigma.

Movember encourages males to grow facial hair- specifically moustaches- to show support and raise money and awareness. Gong Cha was extremely proud to support such a worthy foundation. Adopting the popular show of support, Gong Cha started a social media campaign to encourage customers to post their best milk foam mustaches. All three Toronto locations served bubble tea with straws sporting their own paper staches.