Tea Fit For Royalty
Gong Cha is the act of offering tea to the Emperor
in ancient China as a tribute. This tea consumed by Chinese
Emperors is of the best quality collected throughout the kingdom.


Gong Cha was originally established in 2006, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Now we are an international name with over 1,100 different stores
in 20 countries with a worldwide reputation for serving the highest quality
customizable beverages in the industry.

We believe in offering natural, healthy, freshly brewed tea and beverages that are tailored to individual taste and sweetness.

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Specializing in Tea, Coffee & Juice
Our commitment to freshness is uncompromising, we use real fruit
purees and brew our teas every four hours for optimal flavour and freshness.
Our signature beverage, milk foam tea, even comes with instructions for theultimate
milk foam-stache. We value your wants and needs, so we tailor every cup
to your individual taste and sweetness preference.


Gong Cha aims to change the way you enjoy your bubble tea, we have added
unique elements to the ancient Chinese tea culture to successfully
create a new tea trend for the world. With a superior range of teas and continuous
development of new & innovative drinks, it’s guaranteed
there’s a beverage for everyone!